Monday, March 30, 2015

The Wonderful World of Movie Memorabilia

For many years now, film studios have been seeking ways to increase revenues and boost brand visibility through movie memorabilia.

And whereas this can often be in traditional forms such as T-shirts and posters, for those who want to create a little more of a splash, then they could learn a few things from the following examples of weird and wonderful movie memorabilia!

Disney paraphernalia

Walt Disney Studios have long been the kings of movie merchandising. Many city centres now boast a Disney Store, and all of their film releases are accompanied by a vast range of movie-related product. The hit film Frozen amply displays Disney’s magical powers of merchandising with toys, dresses, patio sets, beds and even a Frozen microphone and amplifier to sing along to the movie’s songs to!

But for those who are looking for Disney memorabilia that is a little more unique, then a recent Daily Mail article revealed that an amazing amount of Disneyland paraphernalia will soon be auctioned. This includes original Donald Duck hats, popcorn buckets and even a blueprint for the theme park itself that is valued at a staggering £45,000!

Monty Python merchandise

The creators of the popular comedy film and television series have been noticeably industrious in perpetuating the brand across a variety of formats. The Spamalot franchise has moved from a successful musical adaptation to online slot machine gaming at Yebo Yes Casino where players aim to win the Holy Grail jackpot, as well as a range of special ‘French-taunting’ body armour!

Back to the Future props

Auction sites are places where a lot of movie memorabilia will end up. The hit Robert Zemeckis movie series Back to the Future recently gave movie fans a chance to live out their childhood fantasies by allowing the hoverboard featured in the 1989 sequel to be sold on auction. There were a couple of downsides however; the price tag was set at a fairly extortionate £14,000, and the hoverboard was revealed to be little more than a slickly painted plank of wood!

Willy Wonka’s golden ticket

And few things can set our hearts fluttering as much as getting our hands on a Willy Wonka golden ticket. Whilst there may have been NestlĂ©’s recent production of Wonka chocolate bars, the actual golden tickets used in the film have proved somewhat more elusive. That is until the Prop Store, an online movie memorabilia shop, revealed that it had an original golden ticket. The gold printed foil paper allows access to Wonka’s chocolate factory and was provided by a private collector. The asking price? A mere £15,000!

Article contributed by Cameron Richardson.

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