Thursday, March 19, 2015

10 Foreign-Language Actors You Should know

Ever since the earliest days of cinema, international actors have been embraced by American audiences for being among the best in the business. During Hollywood's Golden Age it was people like Ingrid Bergman, Laurence Olivier and Marlene Dietrich. Today, it's the likes of Christoph Waltz, Marion Cotillard and Javier Bardem who are becoming household names. But for every Lupita Nyong'o that comes along and steals our hearts, there are countless other talented actors who aren't afforded the mainstream visibility that comes with Hollywood success. For this week's Foreign Circuit column, we will highlight 10 of these individuals. Specifically, we will celebrate the foreign actors who have thus far worked exclusively in the underseen realm of non-English language films.

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  1. Love Luminita showing up! She's brilliant in Child's Pose. UGH, you know how I feel about Dorval and especially Clement! Servillo is also so good and sadly so underknown, and he's been in Oscar nominated/winning films for over a decade.

    Sadly, there are names on that list that I'm unfamiliar with. I'll have to rectify that!