Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Nathaniel Rogers' excellent Hit me with your best shot series is back for a sixth season and of course, Film Actually will be following with keen interest. If I wasn't excited enough, then the announcement of the premiere episode ("The Sound of Music") certainly did the trick. This film was a childhood favorite of mine and as I sang my way through yet another viewing last night, I was once again reminded of how lovely it is. Indeed, that's the best way to describe the film, as its loveliness permeates throughout every aspect of it. There's the lovely cinematography, lovely music, lovely story, lovely singing and of course, the lovely Julie Andrews. I get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. For my best shot then, I chose a scene that for me, is the loveliest of them all.

Click below for my favourite shot...

Most fans would choose one of the numerous more iconic scenes in the film, but I always find myself drawn to this one. It's where Maria and the Captain finally profess their love for each other, outside in the gazebo. Christopher Plummer famously hated the film and his role, but I never would have guessed it from his performance. He's quite effective in the role and has great chemistry with Julie Andrews. Their blossoming romance feels entirely genuine, especially in moments like the one above. Serenading each other with the song "Something Good", he touches her nose in the most delicate way (with the lyrics "youth or childhood" nodding to the playful encounter between Rolfe and Leisl). Coupled with the night glow of the backdrop, it makes for a perfectly blissful image.


  1. I have chosen the same scene. A bit zoomed out though. It's really beautiful

  2. I was realy surprised by how many people chose this scene. and also really surprised by how great the Andrews/Plummer chemistry is even though i've seen this a bunch of times

    1. I wasn't as surprised, since it's such a clear standout for me. Their chemistry is amazing.

  3. Love this moment. It's so beautifully framed and felt. Great pick!

  4. I also went for the wider shot of this, because you get more of the gorgeous background colors, but the close-up is also beautiful. I love the way their arms wrap around each other ever so slowly, and the silhouette just slays me. Every single time.