Monday, May 20, 2013

MOVIE OF THE WEEK: Star Trek Into Darkness

It's strange how you can really enjoy a film and still have barely anything to say about it. Such is the case with "Star Trek Into Darkness", a fun visual spectacle that didn't give me much to ponder afterwards. After watching the film a few days ago, I planned to pen a review but I struggled to think of anything other than "It was fun and pretty". For me, there wasn't much for me to dig into thematically, but at least it kept me engaged. Well, here's what I managed to come up with after thinking through the film:
The film follows the crew of the Enterprise as theY go on a hunt to capture a villain who is hell-bent on mass destruction. Of course, this sounds similar to any other action/sci-fi/superhero movie and in many ways it's very much a retread of the formula for many other blockbusters. To its credit though, its strongest elements really do outshine most of those other films. Namely, the breathtaking visuals and the strong performance of Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan.
As the film opens, it makes good use of the 3D and the accompanying rich colour palette, giving an acute adrenaline rush that gets you pumped up for the coming adventure. The energy remains elevated throughout and provides a thrill for those seeking high-flying action. It may not be the philosophical Star Trek of yesteryear, but it has its own merits. It beautifully captures the grand scale of the space exploration(mostly due to advancements in film technology) and feels more immersive as a result. The script may not be as intellectually stimulating as a Trekkie would like, but it's fairly decent by summer action movie standards. The only setback is that it gives you everything you expect and nothing more.
Overall, it's an enjoyable film that is appealing to the eyes. Since cinema is a visual art, this is a good asset. It may not be remembered as a veritable classic of the genre(and it certainly doesn't match up to the 2009 film), but when it comes to sequels/franchises, you can do a lot worse.

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  1. Good review. My favorite movie of the year so far which has me hopeful for the rest of the year. I know my hopes will be dashed within a week or so, but at least for the time-being, I'm happy and optimistic.