Wednesday, May 8, 2013


This week on Hit me with your best shot, we examine one of Katharine Hepburn's many Oscar-nominated performances, through David Lean's "Summertime". This is truly a vehicle for Hepburn's acting prowess, as she really is only reason to watch this. I was mostly lukewarm towards the film, especially the 1st half. We follow her as she explores Venice, but there wasn't much excitement. Thankfully, she eventually finds a companion and the plot gets more interesting. For my favourite shot, I focused on Hepburn's character.

Click below for my favourite shot...

My favourite shot comes from that seemingly uneventful 1st half. It's a scene that captures much of her internally conflicted character. The solitary adventure that forms the basis of this film would suggest a free-spirited individual. However, there is something holding her back. In this instance, she has seated herself at a cafe to take in her surroundings but immediately turns down the chair, as if to ward off any unwelcome strangers. Soon enough, a handsome Italian man approaches and sparks an instant jolt of excitement in her. Unfortunately, her unwelcoming setup sends the wrong message.
If there's one thing that this film proves, it's Hepburn's amazing emotive ability. As he leaves her table, carrying the possibilities of romance with him, her facial expression is absolutely heartbreaking.


  1. Love your shot, doesn't Hepburn just look lovely in that red dress? Still a beauty at 47. Good note on the film showing her emotive power, so many of Kate's great performances (maybe all of them) are about how great she is with quippy dialogue but for this all her great "moments" are the ones where she must show emotions without words.

    Great choice.