Saturday, June 9, 2012

OSCAR WATCH: The Avengers

With $564 million (and counting) in the bank already, "The Avengers" is generating some inevitable Oscar buzz. I don't think it has any chance, but for argument's sake I'm putting it on "Oscar Watch". The film is a fun romp, with smart direction and writing from Joss Whedon. I love that the film acknowledges its comic book roots, as opposed to forcing some deeper real-world meaning. The cast works well together, giving each performer some good character bits. Whedon's great writing skill is evident in the banter between characters, as I was often surprised by the intelligent detail in the humour. I really commend him for not dumbing down the jokes. Tom Hiddleston is best in show for me, as he nails the dramatic flair of his character and his sense of entitlement. In the end, the film really is very entertaining, but it doesn't really redefine the genre or explore any grand themes. That's fine with me though, as the film successfully carries out its intended purpose.


  1. It can get some technical nominations. I think it will. Loved the film by the way.

  2. Hmm, you could be right. May show up in the Sound categories.