Friday, June 29, 2012

#FF Prometheus reviews, Blogging Tips and more...

In the hope of playing my part in building a sense of community in the LAMB (Large Association of Movie Blogs), I've decided to start posting my weekly favourite posts/links from my fellow lammies. Check out these great posts below:

Stevee lists 10 useful blogging tips she has learned from her own experience. I'm already following her advice and working on my review index.

After ruminating over it for a while, Sati has finally posted her in-depth review of Prometheus.

Courtney also shares his thoughts on Prometheus over at Big Thoughts From A Small Mind.

The "Film Facts About Me" seem to have turned into a blogathon. Check out Andy's list.

On the latest French Toast Sunday podcast, the gang discusses their favourite movie stoners. If you aren't following their podcast already, do so now! They are quite funny.

Over at Next Projection, Greg compiles a great list of his favourite creative film countdowns.

Tom reviewed Take This Waltz for Moviedex . I liked the film more than he did, but I can definitely understand where he's coming from.

Will praises Cameron Crowe in his review of We Bought A Zoo, a film I also liked.

Ryan finally watches Bambi and is impressed by its visual splendor and maturity. I saw it ages ago and can't remember a thing. He makes me want to revisit it.

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