Monday, October 24, 2011


Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton and Nick Nolte are excellent in “Warrior”, a good film that unfortunately suffers from a relatively dull first half. Hardy in particular is a beast in his role, giving a hint to a potentially showstopping performance in “The Dark Knight Rises” next year. As mentioned, the film really picks up after the first half, as the focus shifts towards the big competition at the end. There are some really riveting scenes both in the ring and behind the scenes, where all the family drama plays out. I especially liked the handling of the ending, which is too often obvious and cliché. In this case, it was played just right and left me quite satisfied at the end.


  1. Agree that it really picks up in the second half. For the first hour I was enjoying the film, but pretty highly aware of all the cliches. By the second half though, I got so caught up in it I forgot all about them. Wouldn't be surprised if this makes my Top 10 of the year. Also as much as I liked Hardy, Nolte is the one who steals the show in my opinion

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