Saturday, October 29, 2011


Large Association of Movie Blogs
Over at the LAMB (Large Association of Movie Blogs), they do a regular feature called - "LAMB Acting School 101". This month they are highlighting one of my favourite actresses - Kate Winslet. She's one of those actors that forces me to watch any film that they are a part of. For my submission to the blog-a-thon, I look at my 3 favourite scenes from her films. Click below to check them out:

#3 - Finding Neverland

In this scene, J.M. Barrie (Johnny Depp) puts on a private performance of Peter Pan, in the hopes of comforting the ailing mother (played by Winslet). She utters no words, but all the pain and suffering is right there on her face. She can feel her brief moment of relief as she succumbs to the magic of play. This beautiful scene had me sobbing I tell ya.

#2 - The Reader

In this scene, Winslet is put on trial for being an associate to Nazi war crimes. Under intense scrutiny, Winslet is defiant in her defence, leaving the courtroom and the viewer taken aback. She was merely doing her job after all.

#1 - Titanic

Here’s another scene from a film that made my eyes water (and many others too) – Titanic. The ship has gone under and Winslet is clutching on to the last slithers of hope. You can almost feel the icy chill as Winslet struggles to get her voice out from her dry throat. You feel her sadness as she realizes that Jack didn’t make it. A lot of people criticize the film for its cheesy dialogue, but Winselt’s full commitment to the character (in addition to Leo's) was the reason the film had such a huge impact around around the world.


  1. Considering how much I ADORE Kate in Revolutionary Road sometimes her Hanna pales in comparison but that courtroom scene always devastates me. Sigh.

    And Titanic does NOT have cheesy dialogue. :)

  2. I totally agree with you on Titanic, love that film. I hate how people try to be snobbish and criticize it now, when many of them were probably enthralled when it was initially released.

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