Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Emmy Ballot: Supporting Actor & Supporting Actress (Drama)

N.B. These ballots are based on the official submissions and follow the Emmy rules for nominations (i.e. 10 for Programs, 6 for Actors and 5 for Casting). All ballots are in ranked order, with winners in bold.


This was one of the easier categories for me to decide on this year, with 6 actors being the clear standouts for me. Here they are...

Matt Czuchry, The Good Wife (for "Red Zone")
Walton Goggins, Justified (for "The Hunt")
Jonathan Banks, Better Call Saul (for "Five-O")
Tony Goldwyn, Scandal (for "Like Father, Like Daughter")
Michael McKean, Better Call Saul (for "Pimento")
Frank Langella, The Americans (for "EST Men")

What's that saying...."be careful what you wish for?" For 5 seasons, fans of "The Good Wife" have longed for Matt Czuchry to get some meaty writing to sink his teeth into for his character. But up until now, the show has been content with keeping him as an ever reliable team player while the other main characters got their dramatic character arcs. Well, this season definitely made up for it, delivering a string of Cary-centric episodes that had us all on edge. Cary's trial and incarceration was nothing short of nerve-wracking, largely due to the level of vulnerability that Czuchry displayed during the entire ordeal. Through his performance, we felt the depth of his despair and intense frustration, and we definitely shared in his fear. It all made for scintillating TV and provided a great showcase for one of the series' most underrated talents. That being said, it was also a major relief when this stressful situation ended. Now will you please stay out of trouble, Cary? Thanks.

Previous Winners


This lineup was very nearly going to be a complete domination by actresses from "Orange is the New Black" (Danielle Brooks and Yael Stone were next in line). However, I felt it necessary to champion the stellar work on other shows as well. Here's my Top 6...

Kate Mulgrew, Orange is the New Black (for "40 Oz. of Furlough")
Lorraine Toussaint, Orange is the New Black (for "We Have Manners...")
Uzo Aduba, Orange is the New Black (for "Hugs Can Be Deceiving")
Joelle Carter, Justified (for "The Hunt")
Archie Panjabi, The Good Wife (for "Hail Mary")
Joan Allen, The Killing (for "Truth Asunder")

The voice. The hair. The attitude. "Orange is the New Black" doesn't lack for memorable characters or impressive performances but for me, Kate Mulgrew's "Red" is a cut above the rest. She absolutely commands the screen and brings such complexity to the role. She's tough yet motherly, serious but with a great sense of humor, and under it all she's just as fragile as everyone else. Mulgrew effortlessly works in so many different registers throughout the show, making her one of the most exciting performers on TV right now.

Previous Winners

2013: Anna Gunn, Breaking Bad
2014: Anna Gunn, Breaking Bad


  1. Good to see Matt at the top of your list. I wish Emmys would agree with you. He totally deserves a win this year

    1. He was so great in those early episodes. *fingers crossed*