Thursday, January 15, 2015

CONTEST: The Results

The nominations were announced this morning and after tallying up the scores, we had a tie! Ryan and Murtada both scored 85, with Ryan just edging it out by way of having the better predictions in Best Actor. Overall, the contest was very competitive this year, with no less than 8 persons scoring more than 80 points.

Ryan Fernand of Lord of the Films

Ryan will therefore receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

There were also 4 winners of bonus prizes this year, for those who were the only persons to predict a particular nomination. Those winners are:

Jay for predicting Bennett Miller in Best Director.
John for predicting Inherent Vice in Best Costume Design.
Lindsay for predicting Laura Dern in Best Supporting Actress.
Stewart for predicting The Salt of the Earth in Best Documentary Feature.

You can head over to the full spreadsheet to see how everyone did.

Big thanks again to everyone who participated. I hope you'll join us next year again.


  1. Thanks again for doing this, Shane! :)

  2. Yes, thank you, Shane! Great work!

    Great prediction, Lindsay. I was not brave enough to put Dern, but was so happy she was included! :)