Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Remember when Will Smith was box office king while also racking up awards attention with smaller indie projects? It's been a while since the Fresh Prince has given us anything to be excited about like those glory days, but I have hope for next feature "Focus". In the film, Smith co-stars with Margot Robbie as con artists with a complicated romantic history. Check out the trailer below and see for yourself if this may be the start of a much-needed Will Smith revival:

Focus opens in theaters February 27th.


  1. Sadly, this looks like one of those Colin Farrel movies from the early aughts that every teenager saw and wanted to emulate but now pretends like they never liked in the first place.

    I still like The Recruit.

    And personally, Will Smith and his offscreen antics (like, personal life in general) has become so distasteful to me that I don't like seeing him in movies anymore. Like, unless his film looks INCREDIBLE, I have no desire...and this doesn't look incredible.

    And Margot looks bland.

  2. It does look fun, I saw the trailer in the cinema a while ago. Who knows?

    1. I'm remaining hopeful for it! I like having Will Smith as a box office draw.