Friday, October 18, 2013

#FF Captain Phillips, Le Week-End and more...

The major release of this week was the new Paul Greengrass film "Captain Phillips", starring Tom Hanks. As a fan of the film myself, I was glad to see the warm reception from my fellow bloggers. Check out some of those reviews below, as well as the other great reads from the past week.

Dan was a big fan of Captain Phillips, giving it an enthusiastic review.

John gave Captain Phillips a rave review.

Ryan also praised Captain Phillips in his review.

Amanda from Filmoria reviewed Le Week-End (in black and white version too!).

Simon from Flickering Myth sees similarities to the "Before" trilogy in his review of Le Week-End.

Alex compiled another fantastic list, naming his "Top 10 Movies that Make Him Cry".

David is back in the predicting game, so go check out his early picks for Best Picture!

Joey from The Awards Circuit posted his Ten Best Films of the 51st New York Film Festival.

Josh singled out 10 Acting Contenders We Might Be Overlooking for Oscar.

Shantanu shines the spotlight on a great Bollywood Film - Taare Zameen Par.

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