Friday, March 29, 2013

#FF Defending the MPAA, reviews and more...

Recently, Terence Johnson from The Awards Circuit wrote an insightful article about the MPAA ratings system, especially as it pertains to the more restrictive ratings like R and NC-17. It's a topic I'm personally interested in and I found myself joining his stance on various aspeccts of the discussion. Find out what he had to say, as well as lots of other good reads from the past week:

At The Awards Circuit, Terence sparked some discussion with his article In Defense Of: The MPAA.

Dan reccommends The English Patient in his latest post for Movies That Everyone Should See.

Tom gives a rave review for Slumdog Millionaire, which is yet another victim of undeserved post-Oscar hate.

Shawna featured a great scene from Spellbound, one of Hitchcock's lesser known films.

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