Friday, February 8, 2013

#FF Community Awards, podcasts and more...

With awards fever permeating through the blogosphere, there are currently 3 major community awards under way throughout the LAMB. The main one is the LAMB's 6th Annual Lion Awards, while LAMB members The Awards Circuit and Flickchart also have their own awards for their readers. Check out David and Nika's Lion Awards ballots, among other interesting posts this week:

David kindly revealed his ballot for the Lion Awards.

Nika also shared his votes for the Lion Awards.

The Awards Circuit recently announced the nominees for their Awards Circuit Community Awards. Their poll opens up this weekend and anyone can vote.

The Flickchart blog is hosting their 2nd Flickcharters' Choice awards, which is also open to anyone.

The French Toast Sunday gang got into some heated (albeit hilarious) debate for their "Comedic Actors Tournament" podcast.

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  1. Oh thanks! I did not know about other awards. I'll definitely vote for them too :)

  2. Thanks for the link love. Now that I've done my ballot I may try to submit to some of these other awards as well!