Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A ROTTEN TOMATO: Hyde Park On Hudson

With awards season heating up, it's always interesting to see which "Oscar bait" films fell by the wayside. One such film is Roger Michell's "Hyde Park on Hudson". The film tells the story of the love affair between President Roosevelt and his distant cousin Daisy. It's set in Upstate New York, as they spend a weekend entertaining the King and Queen of the United Kingdom.
Despite the cheery countryside setting, this film is curiously dreary. It's weighed down in awful music and bland line delivery (especially in Laura Linney's constant voiceovers) that contrasts starkly with the bright costume design and landscape. It's quite shocking to consider that Michell thought he made good artistic choices. It's really a shame, as there was so much talent on hand. Unfortunately, not even a cast of Oscar-nominated actors could have saved this mawkish mess of a film.