Friday, October 19, 2012

#FF Argo, Skyfall and more...

This week was all about Argo, Ben Affleck's lastest directorial effort that is thrilling audiences worldwide. I'm certainly a fan and expect a fair share of Oscar attention for it. One of the best things about films like this is the excellent writing that it inspires from critics/bloggers. My fellow lammies are no exception. Check out some of their reviews among other interesting reads this week:

Joey praises Affleck's continuous improvement as a director in his review for Argo

Dan wasn't as enthused with Argo as the rest of us, but still gives a positive review worth reading.

Andrew writes a really excellent review of Argo that I highly recommend checking out.

Amir gives an Iranian's perspective in his review, addressing the political aspects (or lack thereof) of Argo.

There's more love for Argo over at Love & Squalor.

Tired of Argo reviews yet? Here's one more from Andrew at Go, See, Talk.

Simon sparked some interesting Oscar discussion recently, posing the question "Could the Sky Fall at the 2013 Academy Awards?"

For her latest "Scene Stealer" post, Jenny showcases one of my favourite scenes and accompanying music.

Tank and Fogs recently celebrated the one year anniversary of The (title pending) Movie Podcast!

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