Sunday, October 28, 2012

BLOGATHON: 6° of Separation

Shala from Life Between Films recently came up with a fun idea for a blogathon. It's called "6° of Separation" and requires participants to connect a pair of actors through films. From the 3 options given, I chose to link Andrew Garfield and Claire Danes. Check out my entry below, with clips showing the connections between the actors:

Andrew Garfield -> Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man)

My favourite aspect of this year's reboot of the Spider-man franchise was the great chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. I especially love how they played up the youthful nature of their romance. Despite both actors being in their 20s, they fully inhabit the nervous, unsure demeanor of teenagers. Aren't they just adorable in this scene?

Emma Stone -> Viola Davis (The Help)

Viola Davis was so good in "The Help" that her intended supporting role became a huge contender for the Lead Actress Oscar. In this brief scene, Emma Stone (the real lead actress) proposes her risky plan to Aibileen (played by Viola Davis) that sets the movie in motion. While Stone is fine throughout the film, this clip shows the masterful expertise of Davis' acting ability. It's a perfect example of modification of voice, gait and facial expression.

Viola Davis -> Meryl Streep (Doubt)

After years of toiling away playing bit roles, Viola Davis really came into the mainstream with her performance in "Doubt". In this fantastic scene she actually manages to upstage the legendary Meryl Streep! That's not to say Meryl isn't strong (her incredulous reaction to Davis' line of thinking is perfect), but it's Viola Davis who stands out with her naturalistic performance. She later went on to claim her first Academy Award nomination (for Best Supporting Actress).

Meryl Streep -> Claire Danes (The Hours)

This deeply melancholy film features a fine ensemble cast, including Meryl Streep and Claire Danes. In the film, they play a mother and daughter with a slightly complicated relationship. This scene is a nice indicator of this family dynamic. Among many other lauded performances (Julianne Moore, Ed Harris and Nicole Kidman), this is a rare occasion where Streep wasn't nominated for an Oscar. It still remains one of her best performances though. It's completely believable and "lived-in".

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