Sunday, October 21, 2012


After holding on to a positive grade in the early part of the movie, I eventually had to give up and slap this film with my "A Rotten Tomato" label. The first scene of this film promises a campy, fun-filled experience but it slowly turns into something that isn't very enjoyable. For a horror film, this movie isn't very scary at all. I guess that's a hard task when the killer is a doll. Chucky is sometimes funny, sometimes creepy but he never really makes you jump out of your seat with fright. I scare easily, so that's a good indication that this "horror" movie isn't doing its job. The film lacked atmosphere and there just weren't enough violent scenes. Most of the time there just isn't anything interesting happening on screen. Apart from the lack of thrills, the film also suffers from bad acting. I have no desire to watch the sequels.


  1. Did you watch this because I talked about it on podcast or is it a coincidence? It is really awful but the sequels at least own up to it and are all out camp-fests. I don't love the sequels but they're certainly more enjoyable than the original.

    1. I remember you mentioned it in the podcast, I can't exactly remember the context of the discussion though. I was looking for an easy horror to watch on Netflix and chose it. Not sure I can deal with sequels. The way this film ends, Chucky shouldn't be able to come back!!

    2. Definitely do not feel like you need to watch the sequels. I had it on my list of films that didn't hold up. Scared the heck out of me as a kid but now it's just idiotic.