Monday, August 6, 2012


This week's "Movie of the Week" doesn't really need reviewing, as I feel like I am regurgitating everything that has been said about it. "The Raid" lives up to all the praise. It's a well-directed, well-choreographed, violent action movie. Although the story isn't anything revolutionary, it does contain just enough plot to make it rise above a "B-movie" label. Actually, writer/director Gareth Evans makes some bold choices with certain plot elements that really pay off in the end. In addition, the artistic touches indicate a director with a firm handle on what he is doing. The graphic Tarantino-esque violence can be numbing at times, but the movie is never dull. With its brisk pacing, it's exciting from start to finish. This was the first time I saw a film that really made me think about the skills involved in fight choreography. They made the fight scenes look like they were dancing. The acting wasn't bad either. If you are looking for an entertaining action movie, you can't go wrong with this one.