Saturday, November 13, 2010


"Damn, that was soooo witty!" That's all I kept saying after watching this excellent film. I really didn't want this movie to end, when those typical "Where are they now?" lines came up at the end, I was actually in denial. This film was such a great collaboration. The screenplay was outstanding, such smart comedy in addition to some really gripping moments. The cast all worked beautifully together, with Jesse Eisenberg particularly giving a surpringly confident performance. This thing is a lock for Best Picture and I have no doubt that it will be in the top 5 for Oscar contention. This movie has a lot going for it. It is so representative of the "online" society of our generation (dating, shopping, entertainment etc.). Oscar experts always talk about the importance of the relevance and timing of a film and I can't think of a more current and relevant film. Eisenberg deserves a Best Actor nomination and Garfield was also good in his supporting role (even Timberlake did a good job). Certainly should get attention for Director, Adapted Screenplay, Original Score and Editing as well. I reccommend this movie to all my friends. I'm so excited to watch the other frontrunners (The King's Speech and 127 Hours) now.

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