Monday, January 4, 2010

OSCAR WATCH: Up in the Air

Wow, what a disappointment. After all the hype, I expected to be blown away. Unfortunately, I was far from impressed. Throughout most of "Up in the Air", I was wondering "Am I watching the right movie?". The film was just so monotone. Though it picked up in the end, I felt like everyone was just "going through the motions". I am still trying to think of something that I liked about the movie that merits some of it's Oscar buzz. None of the actors stood out to me, the screenplay was pretty average, costume design was none-existent (my Dad even pointed out that the characters were wearing the same tie), the cinematography was forgettable, but wait...the score was good! So overall, a very average movie. It actually upsets me that this film is possibly the front-runner for Best Picture, as I wouldn't even put it among the 10 nominees! As usual, I will highlight the potential nominations for this film (regrettably). George Clooney will be nominated for Best Actor and there will also be Supporting Actress nods for Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick. Furthermore, Jason Reitman will be nominated for Best Director and the screenplay will be nominated. You may think I shouldn't say "will", but trust me, it will definitely get these 6 nominations. Maybe this movie just went straight over my head, so you should watch it yourself and form your own opinion.

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