Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I thought I wasn't going to find a new "Movie of the Week", but at the last minute I found one - "Brothers". This film shined where I thought "Up in the Air" lacked the most. Whereas I found "Up in the Air" to be just "one-note", "Brothers" was engaging, with the film building up like a crescendo towards the climax at the end. Once again this film was powered by a strong cast, who were able to effectively portray the wide range of emotions that war can cause. I mean, imagine sending your husband off to war, where he dies, only to find out later that he's actually still alive! People (including me) were surprised by his Golden Globe nomination, but Tobey Maguire really does a good job at showing the trauma-induced changes to one's personality and relationships upon returning home from war. There are scenes in this movie that really build some serious tension and you find yourself going through all the emotions with the characters. In addition, the screenplay allows for good character development, so you can really understand what all the characters are going through and are able to sympathize with them. Overall, a surprisingly good film, definitely worth a watch.

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