Monday, December 28, 2009


Invictus was one of my most anticipated films of the year and it did not disappoint. Yes, you could say it was more or less the typical sports movie. The difference with this one however, was Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. The film was really inspirational, almost too much so, as pretty much every line that Freeman said was immensely profound. Seriously, he would have had a deep, philosophical speech if you asked him “What would you like for dinner?” Despite this, it never felt cheesy and I think it was definitely a credit to the talent of Freeman. Much of the focus has been on Freeman, but in my mind Damon was more outstanding (to the point that I am surprised that he is being pushed for Supporting rather than Lead). Firstly, his accent was amazing. I’m no expert on South African accents, but I couldn’t find any trace of an American accent in Damon’s voice, while you could still hear that undeniably Morgan Freeman undertone in his South African accent. For me, this is where the Oscar race really caught steam. The Supporting Actor category is of especially high quality this year, as I really loved the performances by Waltz (my favourite), Harrelson and now Damon and I can’t wait to see the other contenders. I will predict right now that Invictus will at least be nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, with the further possibility of a nod in the Best Director category, among others.


  1. I could not agree more with you analysis. I watched this movie with my cousin and the entire time we said that every word out of Mandela's mouth was profound. The best part about it too was that though the movie was about 2 hrs and 10 mins, it never felt long. I looked at my watch one time and that was b/c i thought the movie was approaching the end but it didn't feel like it sufficient time had passed. Overall, it delivered exactly wha I expected. A little more rugby would not have hurt though :-)