Monday, December 28, 2009

OSCAR WATCH: An Education

I thought this movie might be boring and dull, but I really enjoyed it. The title "An Education" was perfect as the main character (Jenny) really got a crash course on life. It's a coming of age tale, with a solid cast that really got me asking myself "What is the purpose of our lives?". The entire cast was great, but I must single out Carey Mulligan. I am telling you now, this girl has a very bright future ahead. I found her incredibly captivating and the Audrey Hepburn comparisons are valid, as she truly looked like a classic movie star. When she got dolled-up for her excursions with David she was absolutely stunning. But such was her talent that she was able to rein in the elegance and confidence to also play the sweet, simple schoolgirl. I think Mulligan should win Best Actress, but she's coming up against the one and only Meryl Streep, so it could be tight. This movie screams Oscar, so it should get a nomination for Best Picture and I also think the screenplay will be nominated.


  1. you know the film used to be titled "the time of her life" - THANK GOD they changed awfully cliche would that have been. An Education makes sense for that story on so many more levels.