Sunday, January 21, 2018

CONTEST: See Who's Playing!

The time has come! In less than two days, this year's Oscar nominees will be announced. And as we wait in anticipation of the big day, 21 bloggers have signed up to test their predicting skills in the 6th annual Film Actually Oscar Contest. Among this year's entries are former winners Gautam and Joseph, as well as newbies like Edward Douglas from The Tracking Board. So get ready for a close competition and be sure to visit all the blogs below and show them some love. Good luck!

Me! - Film Actually
Edward - The Tracking Board
DeanyDeany Hendrick Cheng @ Medium
Heather - That Film Girl
Tony - Coogs Reviews
Stewart - Talkie Gazette
Gautam - The Cinemaholic (2014 and 2017 winner!)
Todd - All My Life I Wanted To Be a Blogster
Murtada - ME_Says (2015 runner-up!)*
Daniel - Chicago Cinema Circuit
Josh - The Cinematic Spectacle
Sam - Sam Watches Movies
Matt F. - Movie Awards Plus
Joe - The MN Movie Man
John - John Likes Movies
Joseph - For Your Consideration (2016 winner!)
Paul - Paul's Trip to the Movies
Jay - Life vs Film
Terence - Le Noir Auteur
Trevor - Trevor's View on Hollywood
Rob - MovieRob
Craig - Citizen Craig

*Winner decided on tiebreaker.

- Your predictions are due by 6PM EST on Jan 22nd. They will then be posted here on a spreadsheet for everyone to see.
- Remember: once you have sent me the link, those will be entered as your FINAL predictions. No further changes will be accepted.

Click here for a reminder of all the rules/instructions.

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