Tuesday, January 6, 2015

AMPAS declares Whiplash is an Adapted Screenplay!

News broke late last night that the Oscar ballot has Whiplash listed under Adapted Screenplay, contrary to the campaign's insistence that the film is an original work. As you may know, the film is merely the full version of a snippet that was shown at Sundance to present the film for potential financing. It seems like a legit reasoning for it to be considered original but alas, the Academy has spoken. This means that the seemingly threadbare Adapted race has another viable contender, while Original now has more room for uncertain contenders like Foxcatcher and Selma. With its poor guild showing so far (to put it mildly), the latter film will be especially grateful for this boost.

My predictions have been adjusted accordingly.


  1. I heard this yesterday, and this is a joke! There is no way that this is an adapted work, since that one snippet was filmed from the FULL SCRIPT FROM THIS MOVIE! I'm pretty sure that this is going to get snubbed a nomination now, since voting is already underway and this is just now being noticed.

    1. Totally agree, it's a real shame! As you may have noticed, I'm also predicting a snub at the moment.