Friday, May 23, 2014

#FF Godzilla, Gordon Willis and more...

This week all the buzz was mostly about Godzilla, so I've included some of my favourite reviews for this post. Check them out below, as well as some other interesting reads from the past week:

Andrew and Sarah agreed that this is the perfect summer movie.

Johnson from An Online Universe wasn't so impressed, blaming the poorly executed script and the editing.

Nathan was conflicted about the end results, but admired Gareth Edwards' vision.

Nick appreciated the film's focus on the power of nature.

Paul reviewed Godzilla, Million Dollar Arm and Veronica Mars for his awesome TV gig at Twin Cities Live.

Alex honored the recently deceased cinematographer Gordon Willis with a lovely visual tribute.

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  1. Hey buddy, thanks so much for the link. We really lost a great one there.