Saturday, June 22, 2013


This month's featured actor for the "LAMB Acting School 101" is Al Pacino and I can't think of anyone better suited for my usual "Best Scenes" treatment. Pacino has built his career largely on memorable scenes, making this one of the most difficult posts I've had to do for this blogathon. There are so many options! He has become one of my all-time favourites and I credit that to his unique ability to dig into his characters and absolutely crush a scene. It was hard to choose, but I eventually I decided on these:

#3 - Scent of a Woman

Pacino won his only Oscar for this performance and it certainly lived up to its baity premise. He's very believable as a blind man and this scene shows his great range as an actor. He brings his famous Pacino theatrics but then tones it down towards the end to reveal his vulnerability.

#2 - Scarface

This scene speaks for itself. Yes, it's hammy and over the top, but I admire his ballsy approach. It brings new meaning to the term "go out with a bang".

#1 - Dog Day Afternoon

Easily my favourite Al Pacino performance, this role allowed him to show a great amount of nuance. This particular scene is brimming with raw energy, it's enough to get you fired up yourself. His passion as he shouts "Attica! Attica!" will make you momentarily forget that Sonny is indeed the bad guy in this situation. Please check out this immaculate film if you haven't seen it yet.


  1. Love this post, and the idea of a 'best scenes' series. You should do that! As you can see from my post in this blogathon, I'm not entirely sold on Pacino, but his run in the 70's was GOLD!

  2. Oh, I've seen far too few Pacino movies...

    1. Yes, you need to go through his filmography! Start with Dog Day Afternoon if you haven't seen it yet.

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