Friday, April 26, 2013

#FF Sleeping in the cinema, reviews and more...

Jessica brought up a great question this week in response to a situation where a critic rated a film 5-stars even though he was caught sleeping during the screening. Let's be honest, we've all dozed off in the theater (especially when the seats are comfy and the room temperature is just right) but how do we feel about assessing a film if we do take a brief nap? Check out that post below among other good reads from the past week:

Jessica posed the question "Should film critics disclose their naps?"

Alex lists his Top 10 Supporting Performances by A-List Stars.

A Potpurri of Vestiges recently invited guest writer Sanjeev Kumar to do an informative post on The Evolution Of Indian Cinema Over The Last 100 Years.

James assesses the pros and cons of Seth McFarlane returning to host the Oscars.

Sarah reviews Martha Marcy May Marlene, calling it "an amazing cinematic jolt to the nervous system".

Tom reviews the utterly depressing Grave of the Fireflies.

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