Tuesday, April 30, 2013

20 Most Anticipated Performances of 2013

I'm sure you would agree that it has been slim pickings at the movie theater this far. Fret not though, summer is around the corner and from here on there are lots of exciting films in store. In addition to the films themselves, I'm always on the lookout for potentially great acting performances. As such, I've compiled a list of my Top 20 Most Anticipated Acting Performances of 2013. Hopefully we'll still be talking about some of these performances come Oscar season:

20. Rooney Mara in Ain't Them Bodies Saints
I honestly don't know much about this role, but Mara's a fascinating actress and she received strong buzz out of Sundance.

19. Marion Cotillard in The Immigrant
Sounds like a very interesting character and I trust Cotillard to deliver her best as always.

18. Kristin Scott Thomas in Only God Forgives
She looks like she's bringing down fire and brimstone and I love it!

17. Julie Delpy in Before Midnight
She was brilliant in the previous films and sources say that this is the best of the trilogy!

16. Ethan Hawke in Before Midnight
He was brilliant in the previous films and sources say that this is the best of the trilogy!

15. James McAvoy in Filth
I love how this role is so different from his usual image.

14. Audrey Tautou in Mood Indigo
The trailer looks delightfully quirky, much like Tatou herself.

13. Greta Gerwig in Frances Ha
There has been a lot of hype surrounding this performance and I know she's well-suited to this character type.

12. Jessica Chastain in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby
A fascinating concept that should allow her to really stretch herself.

11. Michael B. Jordan in Fruitvale Station
I've been a major fan since his TV days and the film got rave reviews out of Sundance.

10. Ryan Gosling in Only God Forgives
Is there any doubt that Ryan Gosling will nail a badass role like this?

9. Steve Carell in Foxcatcher
He has proven his skill in drama before and I think this performance could be further confirmation of his talent.

8. Chiwetel Ejiofor in Twelve Years a Slave
Chiwetel is vastly underrated and I'm so happy to see him headlining a film.

7. Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby
She looks suitably alluring in the trailers and Daisy is an iconic character in an iconic novel.

6. Tom Hanks in Saving Mr. Banks
I don't know much about Walt Disney the man, so I'm very interested to see how Hanks portrays him.

5. Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club
He's been on a roll lately and this looks like it could be another winner.

4. Meryl Streep in August: Osage County
Meryl could read the phone book and I would be interested.

3. Jennifer Lawrence in Serena
From what I've heard, this is a juicy role for her to sink her teeth into.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street
Leo has reportedly stated that this is his best performance ever!

1. Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby
What can I say, I'm a Leo fanboy and the extended wait makes me even more excited this.


  1. What a great list. Can't wait to see Leo's both performances and August: Osage Country. I'd have included Julia Roberts, she was acclaimed after initial screenings.

    1. Thanks Nika! Good call on Julia Roberts, I've heard some positive things about her role too.

  2. 11, 10, 5 and 3 are the ones I'm interested to see but I mean the whole list has a lot of promising roles.

    1. Definitely! And there are bound to be some other ones popping up later that we don't even know about.

  3. Didn't hear of a few of these films, now I can look forward to as well :)

  4. I've heard good things about Greta Gerwig's performance in Frances Ha, look forward to that. Kristin Scott Thomas is kind of an odd casting decision, we'll see how that pans out.

    Have you seen Light Camera Reactions list? I think it might interest you:

    1. I really hope I get to see Greta and Kristin's performances sooner rather than later.

      Yes, I've seen Jack's list. Good choices.

  5. Definitely looking forward to a lot of these. I'm happy to see Steve Carrell thrown in there because I can't wait to see him in that role! I'm also anticipating Louis CK in Blue Jasmine (just to see how he does in a different element than his own), Jim Carrey in Kick Ass 2 (because he looks so insane), Michael Fassbender in The Counselor (because it's Fassbender), and everyone in American Hustle (cheating with that one, but the movie looks weird in all the set shots).

    1. Great choices! I'm definitely looking forward to those too. Those shots from American Hustle are weird but amusing.

  6. Awesome list! I'm intrigued by all of these, especially Hawke, Delpy, McAvoy and Cotillard.

  7. This list has me more excited about what will be coming out...Gatsby soon! As usual...it's been a slow start to the year. Fruitvale Station, Only God Forgives, Aint Them Bodies Saints and Serena all have my attention particularly. AND LEO! Leo2013.