Saturday, September 8, 2012

COMING SOON: Pixelschatten

Yesterday I had the pleasure of catching an exclusive screener (thanks Anil!) of a new indie film called "Pixelschatten". The film tells the story of a young blogger Pixel, as his blog's waning popularity and his friends' disillusionment cause him to re-think his life. In making the movie, the filmmakers use a really cool shooting technique, giving you an interesting first-person perspective. It makes you feel like you are a part of the film's plot and fosters a strong connection to the characters. Although it took me a while to adjust to the quick edits, it was a uniquely exciting new experience. The film is solid all-around - great writing, music, acting and cinematography. It has a truly intimate feel to it, leading up to a well-earned emotional pay-off at the end. This is the work of an assured, confident director (Anil Kunnel) who has a bright future ahead. I have no reservations in recommending this film. Like David Fincher's "The Social Network", this film brilliantly captures our modern online culture. As a blogger myself, I could definitely relate with Pixel's obsession.

"Pixelschatten" will have its North American premiere at the Palo Alto International Film Festival on September 29. You can also check the official website: for more screening information.

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