Friday, July 6, 2012

#FF Gauging Oscar, reviews and more...

Could this be Matthew McConaughey's breakout year? He's getting great reviews for his performances in Magic Mike, Mud and Killer Joe, so will Oscar take notice? Check out Alex's discussion on the matter and many other great links this week:

Alex runs through the performances from the year's first half to gauge whether we have any Oscar-worthy acting yet.

Over at Cinematic Paradox, Stevee raves about Shame, I film that also blew me away.

Max discusses the interesting concept of films you love, but don't need to watch again. I can certainly relate.

Go check out Tom's review of Monsieur Lazhar for Moviedex, a film I highly reccommend.

In anticipation of 'The Dark Knight Rises", I posed the question yesterday on twitter - "Is Christopher Nolan's better as a writer or director?". Soon after, Nick posted a interesting piece about one of the key strengths of his screenwriting.

Not many people are gushing over the Spider-Man reboot, but I really dug it. I haven't decided if I will review it, but go read Dan's review. He elaborates on everything I felt about the film.

Special Plug: Nathaniel Rogers runs a fantastic blogathon/series called "Hit me with your best shot" over at his site The Film Experience. Basically, participants watch the week's selected film, choose their favourite shot and then write a post on their blog. You then send it via email/twitter/blog comment to Nathaniel so he can post all the links on Wednesday night. We are in the midst of Season 3 and I encourage lammies to participate. It's really a lot of fun and you get to read all the incredible insight as other bloggers choose their favourite images. It's not too late to join in on the fun. On Wednesday we will be looking at a film with great visuals - "Road To Perdition".

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