Tuesday, January 10, 2012


There were high expectations for this film, but unfortunately the final product was slightly disappointing for me. "War Horse" had the potential to be truly special, but in the hands of Spielberg it came across a bit too saccharine and manipulative. I find it hard to hate the film though, as it has such good intentions. Amidst the sentimentality, there really were some riveting scenes. The ones that really gave me the most delight were the ones including Joey, the title character. He really is the star of the film.
As with any Spielberg film, it is well produced and should pick up a few Oscar nominations in the technical categories. John Williams’ music was quite memorable and should easily earn a Best Original Score nomination. For me, it was the best aspect of the film. In addition , the photography (despite being a bit over-saturated at times) was gorgeous to look at, so it should also be a lock for a Best Cinematography nod. Sound Mixing seems to very likely as well. According to the precursours, the film seems a bit shaky in the other categories though. However, I still expect it to slip into Best Picture and maybe even Best Director. The actors are all fine, but I don’t expect anything in the acting categories. Joey really is best in show. Overall, this is a pleasant film. It’s not great, but it’s far from bad. If for no other reason, just watch it for that “miraculous kind of a horse”.

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  1. Without a doubt, this is Spielberg trying his hardest to manipulate the hell out of his audience but it somehow works and brought me into the story despite some of the very corny moments. Great review man.