Monday, November 28, 2011


In the film, Billy Beane’s daughter sings "just enjoy the show" and that’s exactly what I did with Moneyball. The film is like a glass of fine wine (as opposed to a couple shots of tequila) as it is pleasing and soothing without being overpowering. The film is more akin to an arthouse/indie drama than a riveting blockbuster sports movie. The skill of all involved is plain to see, as the film is artfully done. Brad Pitt gives an effortless, "lived-in" performance as Billy Beane, making you feel like you are watching an authentic live performance. I was also pleasantly surprised by the restrained performance by comedian Jonah Hill. His chemistry with Pitt was a joy to watch and I got the sense that Pitt’s brilliance forced him to step up his game. I also admired the score, as it really helped to create the atmosphere, without being over-manipulative. Last but not least, the highlight of this film was the masterful screenplay. The story captivated me all the way up to the credits.
In terms of Oscar potential, I expect great things. There should definitely be nominations (and possible wins) for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay. I also think Jonah Hill is a definite possibility for Best Supporting Actor and the Editing is also deserving of a nod. Although I think the academy will go for more prominent "showy" work, I think nods for Best Original Score and Best Sound Mixing could be on the cards as well. I hope the Academy embraces this film as much as I did, as it is my new favourite film of the year.


  1. I really hope that this film is in the Oscar discussion too. I enjoyed it and my favorite part was that Sorkin and Zaillian decided from the start to not make an accurate depiction but just make it as entertaining as possible. Great review.

    Also, I unfortunately think it will only barely get a Best Picture nomination if it gets one at all.

  2. It's surprisingly entertaining, isn't it (considering they strayed away from awe-inspiring "big game" scenes). I think the awards buzz will start to pick back up, it's got solid reviews.

  3. i found this pretty enjoyable and well-written. pitt was good.

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