Monday, August 2, 2010


Yep, I've been "Incepted". What a brilliant film. It really got inside me and I don't know if I liked the feeling. I felt like it took my mind to a scary place that it didn't want to go. After the movie was over, I felt slightly tired after the rollercoaster that this film took me on. It was like a jolt back to reality when I left the theatre. This is definitely a prime pick for the Oscars. Brilliant production from Christopher Nolan yet again. It takes great imagination and vision to concieve a film like this. For me, the backbone of this film were the performances of the cast. Leo, Marion Cotillard and Ellen Page in particular were impeccable. Leo has done remarkable work this year (with his perfomance in Shutter Island) and is certainly due some recognition. To quote another blogger, Cotillard was "alive" in the film. I totally agree, she was absolutely radiant and some of her scenes were just so heartbreaking. I expect acting nominations for both Cotillard and DiCaprio, Page will be a hard one to sell, but her performance was equally outstanding. The score was also excellent (it's by Hans Zimmer for crying out loud!), playing like a constant pulse for the film. So in Oscar terms, this should score in Acting, Directing, Score, Editing, Cinematography and some of the other technical categories. Somehow, I'm not too convinced that the screenplay will be a major contender, but it was also quite good.

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