Best of the 90s

The idea for this list came to me when I realized that I had not seen many of the iconic films of the 90's. As I was born in 1988, I'm practically a 90's baby, but I was too young to watch those R-rated movies and I wasn't interested anyway. I was much too caught up in Pokemon and Power Rangers. So early last year, I set out to watch as many films from the 90's as I could. I think I am finally ready to sign off on my favourite films of that decade. These are my personal favourites and I admit that some of these are purely guilty pleasures. Feel free to let me know what some of your 90's favourites are in the comments. Also, check out my previous post on the "Best of the Aughts".

#11-20 (in alphabetical order):

A Little Princess
Beauty and the Beast
Dances with Wolves
Forrest Gump
Good Will Hunting
Jerry Maguire
The Matrix
The Truman Show
Three Kings

See below for the top 10...


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