Best of 2000-2009

So, we've come to the end of another decade and I have been asked to post my top 10 films of the past 10 years. Notice the key word "my", as I am sure many would not agree with my picks. Let me tell you up front, that neither "Gladiator" nor "Fellowship of the Ring" or on this list (yes, they are good movies, just not my favourites). I tried my best to make the list as diverse as possible, so it didn't end up being a list of 20 dramas. Feel free to give your opinions and tell me what your favourite films of the decade are.

#11-20 (in alphabetical order):

Blood Diamond
Casino Royale
Hotel Rwanda
The Motorcycle Diaries
Mystic River
Notes on a Scandal
The Pianist
Shrek 2

Check out the gallery below for the top 10: