Tuesday, June 7, 2016


This week on Hit me with your best shot, we went for something small scale with the short film "Trevor". But this excellent Oscar winner was far from unsatisfying, presenting a wonderful story about a boy who struggles to fit in due to his sexual orientation and his endless love for Diana Ross. Indeed, he gets by literally on "Endless Love", his favorite Diana Ross song.

And it's his rendition of that hit tune that provided my pick for best shot below, a perfect example of the film's macabre sense of humor. As Trevor attempts suicide by popping pills, he makes sure to joyously sing along to "Endless Love" one last time. For a moment, it gives you hope that the power of the music will make him change his mind. And in a way, the film's happy ending does support the popular saying that a fabulous diva can truly "give you life".

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  1. haha. Giving life indeed. Way to pull this 1981 set story up to 2016. thanks for participating again!