Wednesday, November 25, 2015

REVIEW: 600 Miles

Drug wars have been a hot topic in entertainment lately, from films like "Sicario" and "Cartel Land", to the Netflix series "Narcos". It can therefore feel like we've exhausted all angles of the issue and audiences become fatigued. With his debut feature "600 Miles" however, Mexican filmmaker Gabriel Ripstein brings another fresh perspective on the US-Mexico relations involved in the war on drugs and guns.

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  1. Pathetic. Said, she studying, clearly not history. Why can people accept you can change history. Step up Washington and do what right by those who have been doing it right all these years and putting bucks in your pockets. Why be so reluctant to put life saving bucks in our pockets when you have more than enough to live high on the hog. Leaders rule and citizens suffer/struggle?? NOT!!!!.

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