Wednesday, November 19, 2014

PLUG: Movli

With so many options for existing movies and new releases arriving every week, I'm sure you can agree that it's often difficult to settle on a film to watch. That's what makes film sites like Netflix so great, with their personalized recommendations and instant streaming features. Building on this model is the recently launched Movli - a movie recommendation engine, social network and movie database all in one. Read below for more details:

Movli provides the functionality of a Social Network, Movie Database, and Genome-Driven Recommendation Engine in one location. By combining these three functions in one site, related information is aggregated and the user is provided with richer movie data, more accurate recommendations, and a social network with a purpose.

Using information inputted by the user, such as movie ratings and watch-lists, the site builds a personalized genome (for each user) of their unique film taste. This genome is then able to provide users with the ability to see an accurate prediction of how much they will enjoy a certain film (Affinity Meter) which helps them avoid watching movies they won’t enjoy.

The genome also allows Movli to provide personalized, automatic film recommendations unique to each user’s film taste. It take these recommendations one step further by putting the user’s social data to good use. Specifically, in Movli when you follow a friend or view someone’s profile, you are automatically provided with Friend Recommendations based on their taste, but tailored to your own, with films already watched or which don’t match your taste being eliminated.

Another highlight is that Movli allows users to easily find movies they will love to watch together by cross-referencing their unique genomes and mutually watch-listed films.

Additionally, the site has a selection of over 25,000 free films for legal viewing. It aggregates free legal films which are public domain and from sites like, YouTube, and SnagFilms and puts them all into one filterable database. As a result, Movli is the largest online database of free legal movies.

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