Thursday, April 24, 2014

TRIBECA FEST: Wrapping up the festival

The 2014 Tribeca Film Festival continues through April 27th but sadly, my time is up. This was a different experience from NYFF last year due to my tight schedule (had a wedding to attend) which forced me to watch some films online. Still, it was a pleasant experience overall, even though there were no knockout films. I could definitely see myself coming back, especially to try out some of the cool sidebar events.

To close out my coverage, here are a few random thoughts and observations:
  • The festival's rush ticket system lived up to its reputation. I managed to get a last minute ticket to the buzzy world premiere of "Every Secret Thing".
  • In the words of Cate Blanchett, "The world is round, people!" Films directed by and starring women ended up being my favourites of the festival.
  • Of the many first-time filmmakers, I think Talya Lavie is the one to watch. I'd love it if she won the Best New Narrative Director award.
  • As a foreigner, it's a bit confusing that so many of the screenings aren't actually in the TriBeCa area. Why did I spend so much time in Chelsea and the East Side?
  • Favourite film: Every Secret Thing
  • Favourite director: Amy Berg, Every Secret Thing
  • Favourite performance: Don Johnson, Alex of Venice
  • Favourite screenplay: Nicole Holofcener, Every Secret Thing

Here's how I'd rank the 8 films I saw (in order of preference):

Every Secret Thing
Alex of Venice
Zero Motivation
Ice Poison
Beneath the Harvest Sky
The Bachelor Weekend


  1. Not familiar with those new films. I am a fan of Nicole Holofcener, so her screenplay has my interest. I also see that particular film was your favorite of the festival, so that bodes well.

    1. I'd recommend it, definitely. It's a darker departure for Holofcener but it stays true to her knack for delving into how women relate to each other.

  2. I'll have more to say on my blog after I finish up writing everything I've seen, but my faves of the fest were VIRUNGA, FIVE STAR, and MANOS SUCIAS...all films I'd recommend to you and any other cinephile. Worth keeping an eye and ear out for.

  3. Match was my favorite! One of those limited settings, based on a play movies that I love.