Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This week's Hit me with your best shot took me way back to my childhood with "Mary Poppins". I wore out that VHS as a child, but I hadn't revisited it in at least 10 years. To be honest, I don't think it holds up as well under modern adult eyes, but it's still a delight. On this viewing I was struck by how audaciously wacky it is and that's what I focused on for my favourite shot.

Click below for my favourite shot...

When I was younger, I found the film absolutely awe-inspiring, due to it's impressive visual effects. My favourite shot comes from the animated sequence, which encapsulates all the wackiness that I was drawn to as a child. Here are two grown adults gliding across the water on the backs of tiny turtles, balancing on one foot. Add an animated environment to the mix and you can understand why it blew my mind. At every turn, this film defies all laws of gravity, physics and logic. Truly, the film would be just as avant-garde as "Fantasia" if it weren't for the warm performances of Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke.


  1. Love your final line here. it is a an absurd movie in a lot of ways, but delightfully so

    1. It really is quite absurd, even without Mary Poppins herself. Like, what was up with Admiral Bloom and that rooftop cannon? Such pure unabashed delight that would get bashed by critics if it were released today.

  2. you're probably right. and how sad!

  3. Great choice and I agree that it amazed me as well with its visuals. I loved the part when they are on the horses and they go through the dirt as they are coming down.