Friday, December 28, 2012

#FF Great Remakes, reviews and more...

The current state of movie-watching culture unfortunately means that our theaters will be flooded with numerous remakes and sequels for years to come. It's sad to think about, but sometimes there's a silver lining. In a recent Top 10 list, Alex reminds us of some remakes that were actually better than the original films! Check out his post among other interesting reads from the past week:

For one of his recent Top 10 lists, Alex ranked the "Top 10 Remakes That Are Better Than The Original Films".

Film Forager's Alex reviewed one of my most cherished movies The Royal Tenenbaums.

Ryan brought up an interesting question in his Amour review. Can we call a film a masterpiece if we are unable to enjoy it? Go check out his thoughts on the matter.

John recently reviewed Sleepwalk With Me and like me, he was impressed with the offbeat style.

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