Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OLDIE GOLDIES: Lady and the Tramp (1955)

This is the first edition in a new series called "Oldie Goldies", where I will highlight great films from the pre-1960's era (also known as the "Golden Age of Hollywood") that I love. Each week or so, I will focus on one film and look at the various aspects that make it so special. The world of classic cinema was quite new to me, as my immature young tastes caused me to avoid them. Alas, I have been enlightened! First up is a childhood fave - "Lady and the Tramp".

Classic Quote:
"Why, everybody knows a man's best friend is his human."

Classic Scene
"The Spaghetti Scene"

Classic Characters

The Tramp

Classic Song
"He's A Tramp"

Did you know?
In early script versions, the Tramp was first called Homer, then Rags and Bozo

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