Thursday, December 16, 2010


With all the focus on acting, screenplays etc, we often forget one of the most important components of a good film - the soundtrack. For example, can you imagine "Titanic" without thinking of Celine Dion's iconic theme song? In fact, other Oscar winners such as "Chicago" and "Amadeus" could not have been made without the music. Music is so crucial to the tone and pacing of the movie. In recognition of the importance of this aspect, I've added a playlist (see sidebar at right) of music from recent Oscar winners for Best Original Score and Best Original Score. The playlist includes mainstream hits such as "Lose Yourself" and "Jai Ho", in addition to some of my personal favs like "Falling Slowly" and "Piano Variation in Blue". Also, be sure to check out the music from some of this year's outstanding scores:

The Social Network
Black Swan
The Ghost Writer
True Grit
127 Hours (check out "If I Rise" by Dido and A.R. Rahman)
Toy Story 3 (check out "We Belong Together" by Randy Newman)
The Ghost Writer
The King's Speech
Alice In Wonderland

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