Monday, March 15, 2010


I'm back on track folks, I once again have acess to a cinema, netflix-like dvd service, internet etc. So you can expect a new "Movie of the Week" every Monday(hopefully you still visit here every now and then). My pick this week is "Departures".

Departures (or Okuribito in Japan) is a hidden gem. The 2009 Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film, this movie tells a beautiful story of a cellist who loses his job and decides to take up a position as an encoffiner, preparing the dead to be buried. This main character really carries the film, bringing a seemingly natural quirkiness to the role, while also portraying some really deep emotions at other times (as can be expected from someone dealing with death daily). This film is in the vein of typical East Asian cinema (excluding Bollywood of course) , with its subtle, slow pacing (think “Lust, Caution) so be prepared for that. Don’t worry about having to read the subtitles, this film is worth it. It has a good story, good acting and good music, so take a break from the typical Hollywood fare and check out “Departures”.

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