Thursday, February 19, 2015

Best Picture 2014: The Musical

The folks over at Wayside Creations have a cool annual tradition of parodying the Best Picture nominees musical-style and this year's video is now up! Check out the video below, along with the full press release:

Los Angeles (February 17, 2015) - A comedic twist on the 2015 Oscar season, and just in time for the Academy Awards this Sunday! A new musical parody of this year’s Best Picture nominees from Jay Flats, Michael Grebe, Dan Martinez and Kevin Brooks.

"Best Picture: The Musical" is a fun tribute to old Hollywood musicals, featuring a medley of all eight films nominated in the category of Best Picture this year. This will be their second year poking fun at the nominees, following their video "Oscar Season: The Musical" in 2014.

With original music by Dan Martinez, the video chronicles each nominated films’ journey to (maybe) taking home the title of Best Picture. Stick-in-your-head lyrics parody everything from American Sniper, (“Thirty pounds! I gained thirty pounds! The Academy rewards that sacrifice!”), to Boyhood, (“From a cute kid to awkward teen, a Truman Show but in real life, how could we lose?”).

"Best Picture: The Musical" can be found on Wayside Creations’ YouTube channel here:


  1. "All he had to do was make his hand into a claw!"

    I died!

    That was hilarious. Getting that girl to play Mason was great. Loved the Chris Kyle belt it out moment...and the plastic baby!!!