Thursday, December 17, 2009


So I finally saw "The Hours" and I must say, Stephen Daldry is a genius. He is now definitely one of my favourite directors. Much like The Reader, The Hours created such a deep, cerebral experience that I can't stop thinking about it. For The Hours, he really dug into the darkest place possible. The film is about deep depression and the 3 leading ladies were excellent in portraying this illness. Nicole Kidman definitely deserved her Oscar and not just because of the infamous "nose". Some of the most memorable scenes of the film involved her. Like when she was in her room just thinking about what to write, looking down at the paper, smoking her hand-rolled cigarette (which looked like a joint). She didn't need to say a word, she was just that good. Also the scene at the train station with her husband was amazing, as she was completely committed to the character. Of course, Julianne Moore and Meryl Streep were phenomenal as well, but Kidman stole the show. The only thing I didn't like was the actor that played Moore's young son. I don't know if he was just a bad actor, but his dialogue and interactions with Moore were just too dead and left me very confused about their relationship (even though it was explained somewhat at the end). For a completely engrossing showcase of fine acting mixed with great direction, go check out The Hours.


  1. Shane! It's awesome you are doing this!

    I haven't seen the Hours either... Let me put this on my netflix list now...

  2. tell me what you think when you watch's the kind of movie that isn't for everyone.