Sunday, September 17, 2017

TIFF: Wajib & Sheikh Jackson

In a pair of TIFF films set in the Arab world, the tensions between Eastern and Western culture take on personal implications. Both are Oscar submissions for their respective countries, with “Wajib” and “Sheikh Jackson” representing Palestine and Egypt respectively. They also share similarities in their focus on father-son relationships, through which they discuss cultural differences surrounding religion, ancient traditions, and individual freedom.

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  1. Ohh Arab world is also trying to keeping their pace with western world.And this is really cool i believe.I really like the Idea by this Sheikh Jackson. Cool!!

  2. In a pair of TIFF films set in the Arab world Updates is really amazing and classic. I liked all the pictures. It's been a long time, I never posted any content on insta because of busy work schedule. Good to see this post.